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Helicopter idolizes new create to have his raw assaulting electricity and is awed by Sanji’s consuming outrage

Helicopter idolizes new create to have his raw assaulting electricity and is awed by Sanji’s consuming outrage


Sanji originally planned to create Helicopter (together with Luffy who wished to eat him raw) and you may jokingly desires your to join due to the fact “crisis dinner likewise have” on the Guitar Area Arc but Sanji including listened which have Nami so you’re able to Chopper’s past, studying that people assaulted your to possess looking like a beast therefore whenever Chopper questioned twoo Sanji just what Luffy “was” Sanji replied with a grin: “He is a monster” proving your physician you to are additional don’t mean your did not end up being recognized. Throughout the show, Sanji continues to consider him given that “the fresh new disaster eating have” so you can tease him, however, strongly considers Chopper a friend in fact due him being this new youngest, Sanji cares to own him really of all the guys into panel brand new crew. Helicopter can sometimes cover up at the rear of Sanji’s leg whenever Nami’s annoyed otherwise there is certainly an opponent close by, resulting in Sanji patting Chopper’s head in the soothing ways and you may Helicopter will often go for a ride towards cook’s arms. Sanji have taught Helicopter of numerous classes eg when Robin are leaving the fresh new team Sanji advised your physician you to definitely a real boy forgives a good woman’s lays.

After the date forget, the two still get on although Chopper was one of several earliest people to see exactly how life-harmful Sanji’s nosebleeds have been, actually asking the fresh new seafood-men to possess bloodstream donations. Helicopter cried that have contentment when Sanji spared him or her out-of Doflamingo, try highly looking Sanji’s build matrimony so you can Pudding, and completely distri) over Sanji leaving the newest team, actually shouting on Zoro if the swordsman ridiculed Sanji.

Chopper is therefore anxious observe Sanji once more he mistook Sanji’s destructive sibling Vinsmoke Yonji having Sanji when he first watched him. For instance the rest of the staff, Chopper are shocked when Sanji rejected Pudding.

Nico Robin

The guy offers a style to possess discovering that have Robin exactly who named him “Doctor-san” when she earliest joins new staff, and this produced him moving in the glee. Nonetheless they seem to have a bona-fide sense of value to possess each other, perhaps the help of its activities inside the studies; ironically, he was to start with as an alternative discouraged from Robin through to finding out one she focuses on assassinations, fearing one to she’s going to one-day assassinate your immediately after his shield has been dissatisfied, but meanwhile, try captivated whenever she basic exhibited the woman Demon Fruit energies so you can amuse both your and you may Luffy, and ultimately opened in order to their. His fondness towards Robin is exactly what motivated Helicopter to utilize his Monster Section Form facing Kumadori during his competition regarding Judiciary Tower. In exchange, she food Helicopter just the same in terms of intellect and which have an effective motherly characteristics just like the she had him away of one’s handbags off Foxy’s right-hands girl.


Even though he hated Franky to start with after they theoretically found in the Enies Lobby, blaming him since the cause Usopp leftover brand new crew as well as beating-up the latest sniper (clueless their brand new pal Sogeking was Usopp) including stealing its appreciate. Whenever Chopper try attacking Kumadori he came across Franky as well as assaulting CP9 representative Fukurou, the fresh new Cyborg questioned you to Chopper put him particular soda, Chopper are reluctant to do so however, threw Franky some package anyway. Chopper watched from inside the amazement while the Cyborg’s hairstyle and you may attitude altered until Franky yelled at the your to avoid fooling as much as when he noticed one to Chopper is actually enjoying enjoying your alter with each drink claiming, “They are this new funniest issue previously”. Whenever Chopper continued a good rampage in the Monster Point, Franky first advised eliminating him but at Nami’s good urging the guy altered their decision. Franky instead knocked Chopper into the sea so you’re able to deactivate his efforts and you will rapidly dived on the liquid to save him just before he drowned. Following the disagreement, it appears one lingering animosity Helicopter had toward Franky is finished as he try all right when you look at the letting him be a member of the latest staff.